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Dr. Ava Cadell

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What can HPPPA membership do for you? More than you can IMAGINE!

As a networking association, we provide a variety of opportunities for our members to:

  1. Get educated about products
  2. Discuss business practices with other members
  3. Participate in industry related discussions
  4. Take advantage of tools for professional growth

Throughout the year HPPPA conducts bi-weekly conference calls that consist of any of the following:

  1. Product knowledge seminars with top manufacturers
  2. Product focus group sessions
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Merchandising
  5. Business Growth & Development
  6. Other timely & current topics

Additional opportunities through the association for growth & networking are provided through:

  1. Participation at our bi-yearly suite event at industry tradeshows
  2. Working with industry leaders
  3. Members to share their expertise about business related topics as speakers on panel discussion groups
  4. Presenters at group seminars
  5. Social networking
  6. Mentoring

Informational Services:
Making important information available at your fingertips

  1. HPPPA Web site - www.HPPPA.org - Members Only Web Site
  2. HPPPA Private Yahoo Group
  3. HPPPA Private Facebook Group 
  4. Distributor Referral Upon Request
  5. Quarterly Magazine - “HPR”

Educational and Professional Development – Lectures via TeleConference:
Enhancing your skills today for a more profitable operation tomorrow.

  1. Dr. Ava Cadell’s Loveology University – discount on tuition (www.loveologyuniversity.com)
  2. NAASAS membership  – www.naasas.com
  3. HPPPA’s Learning Collective  - Coming Spring/Summer 2013!

Legal Services with www.adultbizlaw.com:
Michael Fattorosi of Fattorosi & Associates is HPPPA’s House Counsel. For your legal questions & needs regarding your business, sign up for your free newsletter or retain Michael Fattorosi at a reasonable rate.

  1. Legal Services for the Party Plan Industry
    (select your plan at www.adultbizlaw.com)
  2. HPPPA Action Alerts
  3. Answers to your questions!

We do not provide membership or advice to consultants of other companies.

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